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Charlie, Josie und Joe

Hello again!


I love this site!  I for sure "Glück gehabt"!  I am the luckiest mommy ever!  Since our last new addition (Tobi) we now have added three more children to our family!


Here are our girls!  Charlie and Josie!

What beautiful bookends!

This is our Charlie! She is nine months old, born in August.

And here is our Josie!  She too is nine months old born in August.

Josie is a petite little girl but ...

"My what big eyes you have!"

I know it is breakfast time ...

And now here is our Joe!  He is eight and a half months old, born the end of August.

Joe is beautiful, healthy and strong!  With sometimes strange eating habits!

Joe that was not yours!!!




Those are the newest members of our home ... and not to leave out our other two beautiful babies ... here is a quick update on them!


This is our Odi! He turns three years old this May! But no one told him that!  He is just like he was when he was one year old ... full of energy and loves to play with the other cats!!! And every night he loves to sleep under the covers with his daddy!!!

And here's Tobi!  Tobi will turn one year old also in May.

Shhh ... do not tell them but we will give Odi and Tobi a surprise birthday party in May and Charlie, Josie and Joe will have their's in August!!!

As you can see there is never a dull moment in our very active, fun and loving home!  I would not want it any other way!


Thanks again Gütersloh Tierheim! You are doing a SUPER JOB!!!


HuGz and Purrz from the whole Katczynski family!

Corrie, Christian, Brea, Alex, Odi, Tobi, Charlie, Josie and Joe!



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